Foodlink has applied itself to provide safe and hygienic foods to clients, Foodlink would like use elaborate management, continuous development to satisfy clients. That is the mission and quality policy of Foodlink.
Foodlink has developed a traceability system for the entire food chain. An individual code identifies the product through all production processes while our quality system guarantees and records any information regarding raw material, production processes, controls and final transport.
The critical points for every single production process are under constant control through a monitoring system. The controls are the following:
- Visual controls at all production stages by skilled operators to remove eventual defective products and to alert on unsatisfactory hygiene conditions of equipment, premises and transport;
- Facility controls during process, detection of presence of foreign bodies(glass ,stone, metal) by color sorter ,X-ray machine and metal detector ;At the same time in each process Line there are one skilled inspector to control the quality and evaluate aspect, size, colour and imperfect of the product to guarantee it is in line with standards and with consumer expectation;
- Physical, chemical analyses on raw materials, semi-processed goods and final products.

Outside support
 Foodlink are supervised By JLA which is the most agricultural products  professional lab in the world. JLA give their professional training service to Foodlink team four time a year. At the same time, Foodlink keep in touch with CIQ lab to gather information about international and domestic quality control and inspection requirement.

Customer complain feedback
After receiving customer claim, their current requirements and future directions, Foodlink Quality team will react quickly to analysis reason, draft correct action, feedback customer and implement, in order to guarantee benefit of customer.