Qingdao Foodlink Co., Ltd is today one of the most important Chinese company in terms of production, processing of  peanuts, seeds and dried fruits.
Thanks to our strict quality and safety control, lower cost, reliability and product knowledge, Foodlink has grown very quickly to become a very important supplier of Food ingredients. Our products are sold in more than 20 countries. We supply not only Food products, but also Food Safety.
Our factory is located in Pingdu, the most important production areas where the rich soil are fit for the production of Peanuts. We set up in 2000 and have more than ten years Food Ingredients processing and exporting experience. The factory is among the most innovative equipped for peanuts, sunflower seeds and dried fruits . The processing of over 25,000 tons of peanuts , sunflower seeds and dried fruit per annum ranges. Around 225 highly skilled and experienced employees and workers are involved in processing.
We are proud to be a major supplier of Peanut and Sultana to manufacturers worldwide.